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Here's the full warning message:


"Warning: The downloadable products directory does not exist: /<serverfilepath>/download/. Downloadable products will not work until this directory is valid."


I saw somebody else post about getting this error without a resolution, now I'm having the same problem. Of course the directory is there, it's created during the installation, and no, I haven't erased it--it's still there.


I'm using MS2 on a windows server so no CHMOD necessary and the download folder is readable/writable by everybody.


The configure.php has the "download/." and "pub/" entries defined properly as they are created during the installation and I haven't altered them at all (yes, I've checked just to make sure).


I have enabled downloadable products in the admin panel, otherwise this warning does not appear if this is not enabled.


The "download by redirect" option is set to false since it's only for *nix servers.


One thing that I don't really understand, which probably is not causing this, is what the .htaccess file is really doing here:


"AuthUserFile .htnopasswd

AuthGroupFile /dev/null"


Where is this /dev/null folder and .htnopasswd file supposed to be on my server?


My head is about to bleed now from hitting it against this wall for so long. Somebody please help me...pretty please.



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