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Attributes Copier error


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I installed the attributes copier and am getting a couple (so far) of errors:

First, at the top of my store you now see:

// WebMakers.com Added: Attributes Sorter require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . 'attributes_sorter.php');

which means it is out there for customers to see. The same thing shows at the top of the admin area.


Second, when I want to go in and edit a product, all I get is a blank screen, with the left nav bar still in place.


Obviously, I missed something, but cannot find any similar posts for this type of error. (FWIW, the copier part looks like it will work, I just have to read up on how to do more than one copy at a time)


Thanks for your help.

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I was able to get it to not show up in the admin area by simply deleting the comment line that the README said to put in at /admin/includes/languages/english.php, but it is still showing up in the live store.


It is probably as simple as a comma somewhere, but I don't know enough about php to find it.

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Also, we either need to ignore my comment that it is running correctly or I need to find instructions on how to USE the attribute. :roll: Let's start with the instructions - I can't find any, and I really don't see any posts on it - are they out there somewhere?

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OK, nevermind the thing at the top of the screen - I see there is was another file I needed to erase that from (do they serve a function I'm going to wish I had?)


Still, I have no idea why the blank screen when I try to drill down into something (edit catalog, look at reports...)



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Where the dox says ;



Add to the very bottom of:




Filename: /catalog/includes/languages/english.php




// WebMakers.com Added: Attributes Sorter


require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . 'attributes_sorter.php');


Make sure you add the lines of code before the '?>', not after it as the docs tells you.


You wont get the echo of the code line in the live store then.







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