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The e-commerce.

Creating a custom look - from scratch (newbie question)


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Hi, I'm going to be extremelly brief here since I'm not quite sure what to say, sorry.


Basically a friend of mine is considering creating his own online sports shop, he's bought the domain and the logo for the company has been created etc, so the next step was the website... I've uploaded what I've done so far to:



As I'm sure you can see I haven't changed a lot... at all! The only 'customisation' I've done so far is change the text on the homepage (which took me ages by the way, I had lots and lots of errors which I couldn't seem to remove!) and the custom logo at the top which i acheived by renaming it to oscommerce.gif - I'm assuming there's a much earier way of doing this?


Right, sorry back to the point...

For a college project I created this website:



I'd like to basically implement all of the oscommerce code into this design, but I'm not sure if it's do-able, especially for a 'newbie' like myself. I'd obviouslly tart it up a lot more and what not if it were to actually go live on the web, but I don't want to do that just yet incase I cannot actually implement oscommerce into it.


Thanks for reading this, any help would be extremelly grateful.


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I like your musicians website idea.


Oscommerce is primarily a shopping cart so what you could do is keep the front page as it is, and make an extra link on the front page to a customised oscommerce instalation. Dont make Oscommerce your front page. Lead customers into it. Your links dont really apply to the oscommerce links directly.


The Oscommerce instalation can have your 5 links here put into the header as extra links. Just add the links to the header.php, but design the look in html first. To see something like what I mean, go to my website http://www.corewellness.com . that's just an image of something I designed in html first.

I then I customised header.php untill I got the functionality around my html template:


So add an extra link in your front page to your shopping cart, and on each page guide users to the shopping cart.


I KNOW others have better customisation ideas than me as I am no programmer!





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Thank you very much for the detailed response jonathan!


I guess the main problem is that the person who has requested me to do the site has said that he wants the actual *shop* to have a custom look and design, if it was down to me I'd have no hesitations doing it with two seperate designs (like you have kind of, with the /catalog /shop or whatever directory) containing all of the shop data - but unfortunatley it's not actually plausable :(

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I think that The_Bear uses phpDev to do that. You can also install osCommerce locally and use EasyPHP, Apache2Triad, etc. to view it in a regular browser.




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