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NEED HELP - adding javascript (onSubmit) to a form


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I am trying to modify /catalog/admin/orders.php. My plan is when you click on a order you get to a page that you can change the status/comments. I would like to be able to put some javascript into this so when I click on the update button and the status is Shipped and Comments textarea has no value I do not want to continue.


My solution was in includes/function/html_output.php their is a function called tep_draw_form. I want tried to actually change this but it didn't seem to reflect on my page. Is there a different place where tep_draw_form could be coming from?


I want to add to tep_draw_form:

... '"' . ' onSubmit(return fncheckcomment(this)';


I also have added the following in the orders.php header area:

<script language="JavaScript">

function fncheckcomment(form) {

 var v_Comment = form.comments.value.length;

 var v_Status = form.status.value;


 if (v_Comment == 0 && v_Status == 3 ){

	 alert("Missing comment");

	 return false;





Can anyone help me get the onSubmit added to this form?


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I believe this was the issue. The funny thing is that I have Dreamweaver MX and did a search within the catalog folder and it only brought up the other htm_output.php file. Kind of curious why this one didn't show up.


Thanks for the insight!

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