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how to remove red slash for specials?


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I'm not entirely sure whether you're refering to the Specials infobox, or the product_info page.


The Specials price is defined thus in the stylesheet:


SPAN.productSpecialPrice {

font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

color: #ff0000;



The old price is crossed-though with a <s>PRICE</s> tag around the old price. This is around line 78 in product_info.php

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I've just noticed that some of the contributions will also add a line, again using the '<s>' tag. For example, one of the contributions adds a /includes/languages/english/quantity_control.php file, which has this:


define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_LIST_SLASH',''); // set to '' for no slash on the List Price; set to '<s>' for a slash through the List Price


at line 29. If you have installed other contributions for discount, etc, you may have to resort to searching for the <s> tag to find the culprit.

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