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I am looking for a contribution that will allow me to display shirts in different colors.

I would like users to choose which color they would like to see and have the image change to display that color shirt. I am not sure which, if any contribution can do this. Does anyone know of a way to achieve this effect?



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You probably do this by adding a bit of html and javascript to the end of your product description.


Try looking at setting up a list of colors '<a href=%%%%>blue</a> red green' which onMouseOver they change the inner.HTML of a span or div object to the html of the colour being onMouseOver(ed)



<span id=theimage> <img src=blue.gif> </span>


i put my mouse on 'red' and the html in the span object changes to


<span id=theimage> <img src=red.gif> </span>


Part of the IE4.2 DOM also supported by NS6/7


very quick and useful


(i'd do it for you but I haven'y solved my own problem yet)



worth learning try scripts.com or search: javascript DOM span xHTML

"If it was easy everybody would be doing it"

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