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The e-commerce.

Customizing the look?


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Yes its yet another annoying person with hardly any real web experience trying to have a go at something a bit technical!!!!


Anyway, basically after a little bit of fiddling around, I have managed to set up the store on my webspace. It looks quite fab, for a open source program it is amazing, but I have a few questions....


At the moment it is running the demo version that seems to come built into it with a load of computer gear which I can remove using admin, but how do I change the look (colours, menu bar etc) and placement of items. I am pretty sure it involves changing the content of some of those php files around there in my catalog directory, but which ones!!! and what!!!


Also I just wondered how secure it all is??? And if there is any documentation as to its features and capabilities etc???


Any help would be most appreciated.



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