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Server load


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Our hosting company says we are loading the server too much, they say the mysql and php coding are slowing site. We get about 20,000 page hits daily with most of them in about a 6 hour period (site has been live since 8/7/2003). Has anyone else noticed this?


BTW we are on a shared server


Is it time for a dedicated server already?



Car Shop Inc.

421 12th street

Moline, IL 61265

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Another thing why do i from time to time see session ID's in the url's??


I have force cookies ON...


You may have to tweak this to suit your needs.


From: /functions/html_output.php

function tep_href_link($page = '', $parameters = '', $connection = 'NONSSL') {

<a href="<?php echo tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF),

Instead of:

<a href="contact_us.php">Contact Us </a>


Do, (add parameters if needed)


<?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link('contact_us.php') . '">'; ?>


This should take care of the session variables.


About loading your site.

There is a LOT you can do to osCommerce to quickly improve the performance and reduce server load.

(There may be downsides to some of these so do it carefully).

Some of the easy ones are.

1.) Enable caching and gzip.

2.) Add indexes to your mySql database.

3.) Comment out portions of osCommerce that you are not using.

e.g.'Also Bought'


20,000 page hits daily need not load your server where you

need a dedicated server. If you just change your server and

not osCommerce performance this will be temporary countermeasure.

you will soon end up with laggard performance as you get increased hits.


You want to disassociate hits with CPU/Harddrive usage as much as

possible and this can be accomplished with some setup and programming

for osCommerce.


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