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Product attributes - price multiplication


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I'm trying to add a banner product to my store. There are several specific heights available (12",18",24",etc), but the customer can pick any length in feet they would like. I need to be able to do something like:


12" at $5.60 per foot, 18" at $6.80 per foot, etc. I configured one attribute field to be a dropdown of available heights. The other I would like to be a numeric input field of length in feet. Then when you add it to the cart, it would multiply cost per foot by length. Right now there is only a (+) and (-) modifier on an attribute. I'm aware of the old contribution - but the code is from way back in 2002 and I couldn't get it to fit at all. I also know several people have asked in the past, but I never found a clear answer. Any ideas?


Thanks for your help,



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Our problem is almost the opposite, but it kinda makes sense to advertise it here...


- We have products in our catalog which have associated attributes.

- Some of these attributes add an amount of money to the cost of the product.

- As it stands the basic cost and all attribute costs are addeded together and then multiplied by the quantity (wrong for us)

- For our application, if the more than one product is required, we only want to multiply the cost of the basic item. The extra costs are a one off addition.



1 item = ?10 + ?2 + ?4 + ?1 = ?17

3 items = (3 x ?10) + ?2 + ?4 + ?1 = ?37

(not 3 items = 3 x (?10 + ?2 + ?4 + ?1) = ?51)


I guess we need to edit the calculation equation somewhere, but where is it?!?


Is this all clear?

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