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The e-commerce.

New osCommerce Gone Live


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Good job. Nice site.


One thing though....in the categories box your stuff image is different than all the rest.


Question...how are you getting all of your images to resize and constrain proportions? None of them are stretched out.....



Chris Sullivan

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Good generally but heres the bad stuff, i know this is what you're after


1) Page took ages to load, nearly got bored waiting.


2) Orange and black buttons are hard to read you might want you use a better font thats less bold and clearer. Same with the my account, cart anr chackout text top right of the page!


3) The privacy link ath the footer is not spaced from the | eg.


Contact Us |Privacy Policy | Catalog Request | Dealer Locator | Customer Service | About Us



4) I didnt choose a poll option and just clicked the 'Vote' button, it then proceeded to the results page which was thrown off slightly! You might need to review the code to force an default option or pop up an error message if non are chosen.


5) some of your buy now buttons don line up correctly see




That should keep you busy :D

Reddy to Rumble


Thank you osCommerce and all who Contribute to her!

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The stuff image is different than the rest in the categories box because it does not have a subcategory where the rest categories do.


We solved this by basing all images on a pixel constraint of multiples of 100x120. Therefore when the images were shrunk they maintained the correct resolution. Sounds like alot of work, but really isn't considering we had to export all the photos out of Fireworks and Photoshop anyway. It just added one more step.

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Thanks for the advice.


(3 &4)I got the Privacy link and voting button problem fixed.


(2)As much as I hate orange and black together, we tried to incorporate the logo colors as much as possible.


(1)And the load is a long one for non-broadband users. I am really considering making a semi-dynamic front page. Everything except specials changes on a daily basis, so I believe creating this page with a cron job will speed things up.


(5)The buy now buttons are not lining up when we don't have a product description. I will have the missing product descriptions loaded in this week.

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Hi Cliff,




On the black and orange thing i dont think its the colour combination i just think its the text font which makes it hard to read the letters. You could keep the combination just try a different rounder font than the bulky one used.

Reddy to Rumble


Thank you osCommerce and all who Contribute to her!

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Well, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with orange + black, the question is which orange, and are the "oranges" on the site consistent?


The "oranges" of the logon button and the bckgrnd of the hunting calls text in the logo are different. For me, that's a problem. I'd say find a good orange and stick with it throughout the site.


Some more opinions:

The real problem at the site comes from the green. The greens are inconsistent. The "truth about hunting" logo looks better than the header.


The green of the gear and stuff tabs could really be changed. Again, I'd say pick a good green (maybe more in the forest green category?), and stick with it.


Also, the "haze" of the background graphic in the top banner contributes to the eyestrain of the site. I'd suggest going with something more clear, like in the "truth about hunting" logo.


Otherwiser, you guys are obviously pros, and the site shows it. I love the extensive use of pictures. Nothing better than real pictures! You might try some kind of a graphics cruncher program, or really lean in on the compression of the images and tinker around until you're playing with the "viewability" and "size of graphic" issue. I bet you can retain the quality of the graphics yet still reduce those file sizes and increase the download speed.



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