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trying to configure table rate shipping


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i need to have rates of money appropriate to many classes of weight. in the admin manual the example is;

EXAMPLE for Table Rate Shipping A store owner wants to charge $10 for orders weighing up to 20 lbs. Any orders over 20 lbs, but under 40 lbs are charged $18. To set this up using the table rate shipping method, the following must be entered into the 'Shipping Table' field of this module: 25:10.00,40:18.00


Firstly i would have thought the up to 20lbs would generate 20:10.00,

Secondly, i have product weights well under 1lbs, can i use 0.5 to equal one half pound.

Also, can i have as many weight classes as appropriate.

I notice when i want to specify a zone it only gives me the the choice of none or florida. i sell from the uk and would like to have shipping costs for uk, europe, world zone 1, world zone 2. is there any info out there to which will help me achieve this. any help would well recieved as this shipping issue is critical to my site going live

i have made progress on computers over the last few years as a middle aged man, so please be patient if i do not grasp first time your advice.

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Did you set Package Tare Weight to 0? It gets added to the shipping weight for cost calculation.


You can replace the default zones with ones that you devise, but I don't know the procedure. There is a limit to the number of characters in a shipping table...might be 255. No limit to the number of classes other than that.




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