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1st American merchant account?


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I am looking for people with actual hands on experience with 1st American. I need to make a decision soon and just wanted some real world feedback....dealing with them for chargeback issues, support, etc.


I am leaning towards 1st American since they are much cheaper monthly (with fraud screening) than Wells Fargo and I was curious if this is a perfect example of "you get what you pay for" or if they are really worthwhile. It seems most everyone who uses Wells Fargo is extremely happy with the service, but I haven't seen much about 1st American, so if you use them now or have used them in the past, please share some insight :)



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Be very careful with 1st american. I nearly signed up with them. However, you must specifically ask about every fee. If you say, what are my fees. They will tell you $29.95 or whatever. It is much higher.


Search for my posts on 1st american and you will see what I am talking about. I ended up with Bank One and got a very good rate. To get the best rates, make them fight for it. Tell bankA about bankB's rates and bankC about BankB etc.


They will work to get your business.

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