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Missing modules and texts


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I know this issue is covered by many posts - I'v tried them all.


I installed a fresh clean MS2. The catalog side looks fine but in Admin all modules are gone and in some options like in customers.php I get only the lang variables: TABLE_HEADING_LASTNAME TABLE_HEADING_FIRSTNAME TABLE_HEADING_ACCOUNT_CREATED

other options like in orders.php works fine.


I have installed osc without any changes with the normal install script.

One confusing thing is that on my local (test) machine it all works prefectly.


I have two other shops working on that same hosting server.


I have to go live very soon - HELP... :cry:

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just a thought, but were there any problems during the upload via ftp.


It just struck me that maybe your english.php (or whatever language file you are using) may have been truncated due to a problem in uploading. I have experienced problems occasionally myself when my internet connection "dies" half way through a file transfer.


Also, maybe some of the module files are missing. Would definitely be worth a poke about in the /catalog/admin/languages/... folders on the server to check that everything that should be is present.







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No... all files are ok. I have uploaded first the system with few minor changes (stylesheet) then a clean MS2 then a clean snapshot, all fail in the same places.


Thank you for the answer.

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If all files were ok then it would work correctly. :wink: The latest snapshot works perfectly. Try to reinstall from a fresh download.

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I have tried uploading and reinstalling few times. it is not an issue of missing files - Modules are all missing two. If you search the forums for "missing modules" you will see many posts. most of the solusions revolve around configure.php in admin or catalog. I have tried all ideas and changes without any luck. since I have other shops running on the same server and since all is working ok on my home machine I dont understand what's wrong this time.


I'm now trying to upload and install on a new db my hosting gave me...




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Admin texts are ok now (don't know how).

Modules and modules text still missing.


I'v installed 2.2MS2 on a new account.

when browsing to modules I get:




TEXT_MODULE_DIRECTORY /www/3disreal/catalog/includes/modules/payment/


here is the URL fill free to try it out... (for the next few days.)


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Probably won't make much difference, but try changing to

  define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/www/3disreal'); // where the pages are located on the server



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I really dont understand why I should change things on my configure.php.

all the other installs I did in the past (live and local) where automatic and did not require any manual changes.

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