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chaging image folders - subcategories


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If I wanted to change the image folder for CATALOG by subcategorizing it, what would I have to change? In other words, I would like to add directories within the image directory to keep my images separated into subcategories. Right now the IMAGE folder in CATALOG is getting a little confusing. I know that I can use long file names to distinguish them, but that is cumbersome to say the least. So, for example, I would like to have a folder(directory) for CATEGORY within the CATALOG/IMAGES folder (directory). And I would like to have a SUBCATEGORY folder within the CATALOG/IMAGES folder, etc..


Would I need to change a great deal of coding and where?

Thanks, Sharon

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In the directory, you just need to move the images into the subfolders. Then you need to manually edit the image names in the database so that they include the folder names. Thus product1.gif would become something like category1/subcategory1/product1.gif, for example. If you wanted this to happen automatically, the only code file that you would need to change would be categories.php in the admin area.




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