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Products with and without shipping on the same store


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Hi all,


I have a store that carries items that I have to mail to customers.


Now, I want to offer some services that don't need to be mailed.


Can I do that with my stock installation of OSC 2.2MS1?


Or is there any contribution that allows me to do this?


Currently, even if I set the weight to 0, some shipping appears. I can fix that by setting my tare weight to zero, but that would mean to recalculate every product.


Any ideas?

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I am in the same boat with a customer and have spent hours looking for a solution in the forum.


My customer wants to sell books and training materials, which need to include a shipping price (and options). He also wants to allow people to sign up for his seminars through the store.


I have tried using the "TAX CLASS" settings in the shipping module by setting the products to "products" and seminars to "seminars", but that doesn't do the job.


I don't mind modifying code, but am not even sure where to start.


Also, I'm fairly new to OSC and PHP, so I'm not sure where to look for the OSC versioning. OSC was installed by my host.

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I had a similar thing, I wanted to have local pickup. so I changed the flate rate to local pickup. So if they want to pick it up. they select that and no shipping charges. You could change flate rate to Seminar only orders. and there will be no shipping charge.


I hope this helps.


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There is a contrib called Downloads Controller knocking around which has Free Shipping included. I did once look for the Free Shipping by itself but couldn't find it. However, you could probably download the whole thng and just install the Free Shipping module. Then if your entire order consists of products with a weight of 0, the free shipping comes into effect and they don't pay anything. I use it for downloadable goods.

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Thanks for the post, I have looked into free shipping a little, but will look at it again. It didn't really seem to fit the "seminar/product" model where I am selling seats at a seminar, as well as products that really need to be shipped. Everything I have tried just throws up both options.


It's been a few weeks since I've looked hard at this. Maybe giving my brain a rest will allow me to identify a solution when I look at it again.


Thanks again!

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It will work with your shop I am sure of it. I sell gifts which are shipped as well as music which is downloaded. If someone ONLY purchases music, the Free shipping comes into effect and they don't pay shipping, nor are they offered any other options. If they buy gifts as well, the total weight of ALL items is added up, but, as the music is all set to weigh 0, then only the gifts are tallied as weight.


Although I only have free shipping and zones rate enabled so maybe if you have other things enabled they will affect it, although I wouldn't have thought so.

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