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The e-commerce.

search engine friendly setup problem, how to get it to work


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I have installed my oscommerce 2.2ms1 Japanese Version in the root/catalog/ at my provider.

Now I want to make it search engine friendly.


I was reading various post on the subject and I tryed some of them as well - to encounter some problems.


To place a .htaccess file in the root does not work with me, due to the provider and I get error messages. I contacted the provider, but no answer yet. Might have to change the provider if it will continue like that.


to create a file called index.php with the following lines






does not work for two reason


1. when I type " www.lioni.de/ " I get the error message 501

2. when I type " www.lioni.de/index.php " I get an error message from oscommerce due to session.php


To change the default.php to index.php or/and move all files one up (to root) will not due the trick easer. I also like to keep the root "clean", plus I am very happy that everything within oscommerce is working. I would not know which files to change anyway, when I move oscommerce to root...


Does anyone has an idea or can point towards a solution?



Thank for reading



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Hi again


I have not got an answer from my host, but I was able to write an .htaccess file that he did except only is that good enough?


I only placed this line in the file:


DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm


instead of this one from Linda


DirectoryIndex index.shtml index.html index.htm index.php default.php /missing.html

AddHandler server-parsed .shtml

AddHandler server-parsed .html

AddHandler server-parsed .htm


because my host did not except these lines.


I left the index.php file like I was quoting up their and it does work.


One problem remain. I use 3 languages (english, german, japanese) for the store. When you enter now with www.lioni.de you see the store, when you decide to change the language at that moment, you recieve following error:


Not Found

The requested URL /catalog/index.php was not found on this server.


the url shows the following




It only does it the very first time, if you visited an other page or you come in over www.lioni.de/catalog/default.php everything works fine.


BTW the session error is also solved, even so I have not done any changes.


what does that mean. do I have to change now the catalog/default.php to catalog/index.php and what that will do to the search engine. They find two identical files than...



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