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zone shipping problem


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any ideas why would i get this;


Zone Rates

Shipping to AU : 0.5 lb(s) $10.00


when i have this in the zone shipping config;


Zone 1 Countries



Zone 1 Shipping Table



as far as i can see i should be getting $6.00 not $10.00.


ive read through a few threads which came up when i did a search for "zone and ship" and ive checked tare etc is set to zero and other issues i could find mention of. the odd thing is 0.5lb is the weight i set, which is being correctly reported, its just the price being sourced from the second weight bracket when its clearly in the first that i dont understand.




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Are you sure that it shouldn't be


I thought that it handled the lower endpoint for you, so that you would use single numbers rather than ranges.




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doesnt the default data have lower ranges? i thought it did so i used them when i constructed my list. i tried it your way and so far it seems to work though =) thanks!

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