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Payment fee (surcharge)


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I want a specific fee to each of my payment-methods.


I've already tried ot_surcharge, but I want the fees to be diplayed when choosing patmentmethod (like deliverymethod) and for each paymentmethod there's a different fee.


Further more it would be nice, if record record were made in orders_total with the fee (like the record with class= ot_shipping)


Can anyone help?



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there is a Contribution for this


but keep in mind most Payment Processors weather your using a Normal Merchant Account, Paypal etc, state you CAN NOT charge a fee for using there services


and in most states (it may even be federal law) if your ihn the USA, state you can not charge a fee for using a credit card


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Do you know which contribution - i can't find any (except ot_surcharge, but as mentioned it's not what i want)


I'm based in Denmark where it is allowed - but the fees are not to be used for CC-payments.



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I also want to take a Fee when the costumer chooses a ceartin Payment.


I Sweden we hav one Fee called "Postf?rskott", its actuallu the Post office that chargs the Fee from the costumer wen the costumer receves his or hers package.


But.....if the costumer want to pay the Order in advance, he or she can chose another paymentmethod were there is no Fee.


Something like this


Paymentmethod 1. "Postf?rskott" 40 SEK

Paymentmethod 2. "F?rskottbetalning" 0 SEK



So to the Point, is ther any Paymentmethod were i can configurate a Fee




D. B

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