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The e-commerce.

switching servers...a problem?

mark w

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Would like to know if anyone suggests a way to secure the data in our existing oscommerce site before moving our domains and information to a new server. I know little about servers, my manager is actually doing this, but he knows little about OS commerce and what might happen to the site and the links if the site is transfered to a new server and a new domain. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.



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If it's a new domain, why not just do a test run and try it out? If not, I would try running the copy to a new test domain prior to moving the site. That way, you can work out any issues now rather than when you are pressed for time.


The way that I would do this would be to create a snapshot of your system (php files, database, everything) and port it over to the new system. Create some kind of test path (it can even be IP based) and get configure.php set up. Now you can test to make sure things are working. If so, then all you will have to do to make the actual change is to port the database over again (you already worked out the steps to do this in the test) and change configure.php from your test domain to the real domain. Note: if you are changing domains with the move, then you can just use the real new domain as a test and save the last minute modifications.




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