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Parse errors and 'p.products_mimage' in 'field list' errors?


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Im trying to add this contribution to my OSC: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,911/page,13 .


After checking through the changes, I received:


Parse error: parse error in /oscshop/catalog/default.php on line 194


I've added the code below for review, + a couple of lines above it


Line #192 - // We build the categories-dropdown


Line #193 - . "' order by cd.categories_name";


Line #194 - } else {


Then I receive the following when attempting to access the catalog/product section within admin.


1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_mimage' in 'field list' errors


So, I'm a newb and would greatly accept any thoughts on this matter.


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It wasn't expecting the }else{. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much more than that without seeing the code starting from the if statement (i.e. the else is part of a larger statement of the form if () {} else {} which can be spread across multiple lines). Given the amount of commenting that has been done, I would guess that the original if might be commented out (with //).


Btw, when you post code, it makes it easier to read if you enclose it with






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Why do you have the $filterlist_sql line commented out? I know that was not part of this contribution.


On the unknown_column problem that is simple. The author of the contribution had one of the multiple-image contributions already added to his shop before he did this contribution. When he copied over the changes to his files he forgot to remove what he had added for that contribution. Just search through your admin/categories.php and remove all instances of "products_mimage" and "products_bimage". This will remove that error anyway.

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