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Wierd Admin Error - Every title is Underscored "_"


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All of the sudden all of the titles in the admin display like following.....



BOX_HEADING_CONFIGURATION - Should be : Configuration

BOX_HEADING_CATALOG - Should be: Catalog

BOX_HEADING_MODULES - Should be: Modules


HEADER_TITLE_SUPPORT_SITE - Should be: Support Site

HEADER_TITLE_ONLINE_CATALOG - Should be: Online Catalog



Does anyone know what might have caused everything to display like that in the admin? How can I fix it, so everything displays correctly?



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It's not reading the languages files correctly. Was it working previously? If so, what did you change? If not, I would check to make sure that the configure.php path defines are correct.




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Yes it was working fine, till I began configuring the cart and it showed up. I traced my steps backward but nothing fixed it. I did delete all languages but English. The only effect it has is it reads out these loooooonnnnnnggggg titles in the admin which makes it cluttered and annoying. But it only affects the admin panel and nothing else.


Any ideas?



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