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The e-commerce.

Adding language


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I managed to install the system and I love it already. :D

Now, how can I add Japanese language??

Can I have the shopping cart working in English and in Japanese at the same time by just selecting a language?


I understand that from:


I can download Japanese language, but I am getting many files, so what do I do with them?? What files I need to replace so that my freshly installed shopping system still works?


Thank You,


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You have to make a directory in /includes/languages (both admin and catalog) I assume that would be the directory "japanese".

So you would get catalog/includes/languages/japanese and admin/includes/languages/japanese if you look at the inital installed languages you'll see where to put the files.

Japanese.php goes in /includes/languages (not in the directory "japanese" itself)


Next you have to add the language via the admin controle panel-> Localization -> languages-> new languages

It isn't because someone else knows the answer, means I'm dumb, or is it?

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Thank You for reply! I did as instructed.

I have a bit of a problem. If I want to see Catalog view in Japanese, it gives me a Fatal error


'includes/languages/japanese/index.php' (include_path='./:/usr/local/lib/php')


Checking a bit, it comes out that other languages have english/index.php or german/index.php but there is no index.php file under japanese directory. Also while directories for german and english are identical then in Japanese there are less files and the file names are not consistent with other languages. Mhmmm...I guess this is going to bring a lot of problems.

How can I fix???


Thank You,


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The contribution is for an older version of oscommerce.


The best thing you can do is to make copies of the files from another language and then translate them - and please donate them to the community! 8)

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hai janika...


sorry this reply will not help you in anyway :oops:


but...good luck with your effort.


I am myself based in japan and working on making a webshop to sell handicraft goods from the himalaya.


I wonder if we can help each other.. with the translation work etc,

..: eCo HiMaLaYa :..

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Thanks Guys!


I downloaded the Japanese version from:



And it works...(touch my wood!). As I already once downloaded the English version downloading Japanese version was easy!

It is more than just simple translation, it is more japanized, like in the order form family name comes first and then first name, small things like that but make a difference.


Thanks again for all replies,


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Hello everybody


I would like to create a web site with free languages; English, Japanese and French.

I use Win98SE with IME 5.02 to type the Japanese characters.

I installed OSC MS2 with success, it was easy for English and French because it is part of the kit.

I tried to install the Japanese language that you can download from the English osccommerce web site called tep_language_japanese-pr2.1.tar.gz but it does not work at all.

Does the version that we can download from the Japanese web site is compatible with MS2 and Win98SE?





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