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I just want to make sure I'm covering all my bases before I roll-out a store. Am I correct in assuming that all products (we sell apparel) MUST list the country of origin and fiber content, but that is it?


And what about selling on-line to teens under the age of 13 (I think the COPPA laws start at 13 anyway)?


Thanks in advance.

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Are you manufacturing? Or reselling only?


(Laws will vary a bit according to Country/State/Province ? this is a general overview)



Yes - if you have 49% or more foreign content then you have to specify country (or countries) of origin. Note: some counties may require even a less amount to be listed. IE: Assembled in USA from part from Mexico and other countries?? (this is for almost any product?.)


As a apparel manufacturer:

You must have a permanent label attached that show standard sizing, washing instruction and content and must withstand repeated washing/cleaning (typically still readable at 2 feet after 20 washes min).


If you have "stuffed" or quilted or something that has hidden core - you must have a HEATH label telling that if it contains "new material" black on white or "used fibers" black on a green background. You may have to register and get a certif.# from a local state/province government consumer/heath/used goods department and put the certif.# on the label. This is the famous ?Do not remove under penalty of law - until delivered to consumer? tag.


If you are just a dealer or distributor - you don't have to do this thing - it is the responsibility of the manufacturers and mass importers to insure this is done. As a dealer/distributor you should make sure that what you sell is up to snuff. As you don?t want a local heath/consumer inspector checking out what you sell and starting to ask you questions you have no answers for.


Trust me ? I have worked with companies supplying apparel to the likes of Walmart, Cabela?s, Saan, and The Bay. And yes, we had a local inspectors walk into a store (was not Walmart or any really big store) and did an on the spot inspection ? caught at least 8 problems with 5 or 6 manufactures ? only one problem was one of the products I dealt with ? it was only minor detail.


As a manufacture they come inspecting goods at the plant at least once a year checking tags and some time taking a sample. As importing to the US ? I have had several items taken for inspection by the boarder for testing for compliance. But I am talking about 1 item out of a whole load of tens of 1000 and only when a new product was brought in.


The best thing is to consult a local lawyer that knows this type of business. Well worth an hour of pay. You might even get enough info from a 15 min FREE consultation.

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