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order not processed


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after I process a payment and its confirmed, I have it come back to the checkout_success.php page but the order does not get removed from the shopping cart and the email is not sent to me that there was an order.


The site is www.arkmusic.com.au/catalog/default.php

I have a test credit card m/c 5123456789012346

date 04/05 - thats all the detail you need

A test client is [email protected], password celeste1


when the transaction is successfull a page is displayed and the option to try a new transaction appears - click on that and it'll go back to OSC


As this is still in test mode it matters little about security for now.

Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Should it go to checkout_success.php or should it go to another page that redirects it to checkout success? I am very confused.



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When I enter that credit card number, I get this:

The card number you have entered is invalid. Make sure that there are no spaces or hyphens in the card numbers and double check to see if you have correctly entered the card number.



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