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Where do specials come from?


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I have a strange problem.


I am currently setting up a new site and everything is installed and working well.


I have removed the right hand column and only use the left. If I add a special and enable it via admin it displays on the main page but there is a BIG gap between it and the (information) box above. It is also slightly wider than the other boxes - and it doesn't seem to be a wrapping/stretching issue as if I widen the whole column it is still wider.


if i add the specials via column_left.php using

require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'specials.php');


The specials box looks fine - there is no gap and it is the same width. ????


I am happy to using column_left.php to call on specials (as when I disable via admin is also dissapears). I have had a look through index.php but can't seem to find the code that calls on and created specials.php. All I need to do is comment it out and everything should be fine.


Thanks again.

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