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MS2 and sid's


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I am in the beginnig stages of creating a site for a customer. I have searched and read what seems to be hundreds of posts concerning sid's. Most of them appear to be speaking specifically to version ms1. I did see a couple of posts that indicate ms2 has taken care of this issue. So here is my question, I have the following set in my sessions (admin):




Force Cookie Use..............False

Check SSL Session ID.......False

Check User Agent.............True

Check IP Address.............True

Prevent Spider Sessions....True

Recreate Session..............False


My config files specify the database to store the session id's.


When I run a spider simulator I still see the sid on the end of the address.


Here is the url: www.dobieday.com/catalog


Do I have everything set correctly? Is there something else I should be doing?


Thanks in advance.



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I know there's another thread here talking about this... basically you need to make sure the spidering agent's name is in the 'spiders.txt' file.


do a search on the forums for 'spiders.txt' and you should find a couple of long threads. In one of them you'll find a nice listing of current bots and spider simulator agent names.


Good luck!



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