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The e-commerce.

Using oscommerce for distributing reports on an intranet.


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Hi all,


I'm setting up a small shop for use within my organisation for distributing reports created by my department. We create a lot of reports that are probably not used by anyone but are created anyway, so we want to find out whats useful by making colleaques come and get their reports if they need them and monitoring what is popular and whats not. With this in mind I'm looking at using a piece of ecommerce software to distribute reports as it is a very similar situation to an online shop. I have however got a few questions that I could do with some help as oscommerce does not seem to fit entirely.


Firstly, is it possible to distribute reports electronically, i.e. when a user checks out the reports he/she has requested, they get automatically emailed to them or they get redirected to a download site to retrieve their reports.


Secondly, for purely aesthetic reasons, is it possible to remove the pricing information from the site. As this would be for purely internal use everything is free so price is not important to us.


Any help would be appreciated

Peter Theobald


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it is possible to do what you want with the download facility of oscommerce. There are some contributions that you might find of interest in the contributions section.


I'm not sure of the in's and outs of your project but it would seem much easier to put the reports on a web server and protect the area with user groups. Then you could check the logs and see who downloaded what and when.

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A website would solve the problem for me but I want it to be usable by colleaques who arent html bods so they can put up new items as theyre created as well as shortcuts to popular areas and other features that oscommerce comes with.

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