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Account deletion in OSC v4


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As I approach my final destination of going live, I have been trying to review the various pages within the Design and CMS > Themes > Pages (button top right hand side) and verifying what the customer sees and nothing personal, ensuring it makes sense without grammatical errors.

On the account deletion page, I literally went to an existing unneeded account using the "Super login" button from the Orders/Customers > Customer page.

Clicking on the  "Delete Account" selection under the ACTION section of the customer account they are presented with this

Send us a message and we'll delete your account ASAP

Realizing that the customer wants to DELETE their account I would like to offer a line or two explaining WHY they need this additional interaction by our staff perhaps something like this.

This action requires our staff to complete
Send us a message and we'll delete your account ASAP.

Since the displayed message is a variale within the Translation section I am wanting to know HOW to create it with the three lines.

I tried the html - <br/>
I tried the ASCII - \n

Neither worked.  SO is there a way to do it in the translation coding?

The translation key is

Thanks in advance...


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1 hour ago, Victoria476 said:

Here’s how you can format your message:

This action requires our staff to complete.<br>PLEASE<br>Send us a message and we'll delete your account ASAP.

I thought I had tried this formatting, however as often happens I do not keep copies of every different attempt.
after verifying your suggestion I realize HAD tried it before I added the backslash after the br ( <br/> )
Sadly NO JOY even without the backslash.


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