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Problem with sort order of product listing


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I find that my product listing is not being sorted in the way set out in admin/settings/configuration/product listing, which I have set to 'Name A-Z' (though it also fails to sort correctly with any other choice of setting). I can't work out what order of presentation is being used at the front end - nothing obvious - but it is always the same. If, as a user, you chose a new sort order, say Name Z-A, (with the 'Sorting' widget), the products rearrange accordingly, and then you can chose 'Name A-Z' and you get what you had wanted in the first place.

Can anyone help me correct this situation?


Mark G

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I need to add to this, that the problem only arises when the Product Listing appears on a product category page. In the product listing that follows a product search, the sort order is correct.

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Hi Mark,

Fun ain't it LOL

When I was having so much trouble trying to get the display as wanted the default sort order was set to

Marketing (As specified in admin), then the live listing of the categories showed correctly or as they had been positioned in the category within admin.

These products which I presume you already know (but others may not) can be moved up and down to order them as needed using the little hand icon.


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Hi Ken,

You inspired me to look again at the Products/Categories page. In the Edit Category facility, which I've never looked too closely at previously 😳, I discovered there's a Default Sort Order specifically for each Category. That turned out to be the feature that I needed to get my products to display in the correct order when the user choses to display products by category. The Product Listing setting in Admin has no bearing on it at all, it turns out.

That annoying matter held me up for pretty much a whole day, so thank you for the pointer. Now on to the next insurmountable problem!


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Excellent, glad you got it Mark.

Yeah, I don't go alphabetically but by product groups unrelated to cost or name so the default setting for every one of my categories uses the Marketing (As specified in admin) which follows their physical position in the category.

It was seriously confusing for me at the fist, gave me lots of problems and with help from here finally got it.

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