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Worldpay Payment - No Callback results therefore order does not complete and remains unpaid in cart...

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I've always used Worldpay Junior payment module very successfully NOT the rbs version, however the rb version seems to be the only one available. 

Having complete a few TEST transactions the payments go through okay, generating the payment data and emails. However the screen never calls back to the website so the order stays in the shopping cart not complete:


So how do I get the callback to work?

After the above a success page should appear and then redirect back to shop where the shopping cart should be empty and order in customers account and admin orders interface.

The call back is failing, there are no error emails.


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Can someone please help? Have you got the rbsWorldpay callback to work?

Currently I can go to the Worldpay payment page, put in a test card, get the success as above and get an order email with a tmp ID and no products and no callback at all.

Going round in circles trying to make this work can someone enlighten me please? 

The main problem seems to be that there is no website callback so the shopping remains full and no order inserted and no success page ..

Please can someone with a successful setup please advise.

I'm happy to do the shopper URL if that works ... 

SOOOOO frustrating!

Thanks in advance,



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After looking through old Worldpay and Oscommerce posts on the forum I have altered the TEST worldpay settings and am now getting a failed callback email from Worldpay. I have forwarded this to them and hopefully await their advice on a possible fix ...


If anyone has Worldpay working and calling back can you help?



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Thanks to the expertise of Sai from Worldpay it was identified that the payment password response was missing. This was corrected and solved. Then it was identified that because I am currently protecting the website behind a firewall that the Worldpay callback was getting blocked. I released the firewall and GUESS WHAT! The callback worked and the order went into the database and the shopping cart emptied!!!!! 

A total success!

All I need now is possible help setting the MD5 secret. Anyone know the exact parameters to put into the signature field?




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