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QTPro ?


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Good morning,

On my current site version Osc 2.3.1, I use the QtPro plugin to manage stocks: I define stocks based on size and color.
Examples for clothing:
2 in stock in black color and size L
2 in stock in black color and size XL
1 in stock in white color and size XL
3 in stock in white color and size M

I display the available stocks on my site so that customers can see the stocks of each size and each color and customers can purchase until the stocks are equal to 0. In this case the unavailable option disappears.
And following a purchase, the color/size combination is decremented by the quantity purchased of course.

Is there nothing like this on V4?




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17 hours ago, osCommerce-Official said:


Please try https://www.oscommerce.com/app/inventory

Have a good evening!


Good morning,

thanks for the answer but:
1) you are telling me to try this plugin but you have to pay $49 to try it?
2) before purchasing or can I see it working? Where can I see all the features? Does it work well? has it been tested? Will it fit my site? is it bugged?


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Good morning,

I just installed "inventory module" and I have a lot of problems:

1) the attributes can only appear in alphabetical order. The hand does not allow you to classify the attributes in the desired display order. As a workaround, I put 1 - , 2 - and 3 - in front of the attributes to decide the display order.

2) when we create three attributes, for example size then shade then color and if we choose "type = radio" + "Display mode = Filter" if a combination does not exist it disappears from the display but to do so reappear, you have to refresh the entire page on the frontend to make it reappear.

3) for three attributes, the filter seems to work for the last two attributes but not for the first: choosing the first attribute does not cause the values of attributes 2 and 3 noted in the backend as non-existent to disappear.

4) updating the stock does not show product availability in the frontend, it always says "out of stock".

5) switching from "radio" to "select" for attributes removes attribute value choices which reappear when switching back to "radio".

6) where do you enter the EAN codes for each size/color combination?











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