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The e-commerce.

need warehouse, stock & order automation


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what I'm looking for is as follows: 

Warehouse1 – only hold’s & receives stock of containers, 

Warehouse2 – only hold’s & receives stock of pallets, 

Warehouse3 – only hold’s & receives stock of items, 

Container – holds 20 pallets, 

Pallet – holds 40 items,  

  1. Stock holding: 

    1. Warehouse1 has 01 x container, 

    2. Warehouse2 has 20 x pallets,

    3. Warehouse3 has 40 x items, 

  2. In-house Stock movement/s: 

    1. Warehouse1 – supplies warehouse2 – order/s of container/s only to customer/s, 

    2. Warehouse2 – supplies warehouse3 – physical store/s – order/s of pallet/s or pallet/s & item/s to customer/s, 

    3. Warehouse3 – physical store/s – order/s of item/s or pallet & item/s to customer/s, 

  1. Goods-in movement/s: 

    1. Supplier/s deliver container/s to warehouse1, 

    2. Supplier/s deliver pallet/s or (pallet/s & item/s for order/s only) to warehouse2, 

    3. Supplier/s deliver item/s or (item/s & pallet for order/s only) to warehouse3, 

  1. In-house per-delivery/s movement/s, 

    1. Warehouse3 – send/s item/s to warehouse2 if order/s has multiple pallet/s in (item should be attached to pallet/s to cut down on consignment count) – carrier/s collect & deliver order/s,

    2. Warehouse2 – send/s pallet/s to warehouse3 if order/s has only one pallet in – carrier/s collect & deliver order/s,

    3. Warehouse1 – transport/s collect & deliver order/s, 

  1. Direct home delivery/s,

    1. Order/s placed with supplier/s - order/s delivered, 


How do I get this automatically working? 

How much of this cannot be automated? 

What app/s extension/s would be needed? 

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