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V4.13 Update Issues


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After updating to V4.13 I am experiencing some difficulties.

1.  In the back end - I am unable to edit individual products.  I receive "Error 1054".
2.  In the front end - I am receiving the "please contact us" error after login.
3.  In the front end - I am unable to logoff as I am receiving the "please contact us" error. 

About #1.

I am able to get to the individual products
Products (Brands/Categories) -> Select a category
Then select an item
Then click on "Edit"
That's when the Error 1054 appears.

About #2 & #3

I explained those in a different topic but did not receive a reply or solution.  That topic was

Anybody have a solution for these issues?


Error 1054.PNG

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On 11/14/2023 at 3:28 PM, Chadduck said:

After updating to V4.13 I am experiencing some difficulties.

Please click the Download all logs button in Admin -> Settings -> Tools -> Error log viewer and send me the zip file in pm

Also open Tools->Server Info and let me know your MySQL/MariaDB version


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Thanks for the logs.

Unfortunately you sent only logs from the backend, so:

1. The problem in USPS shipping module. To fix it go to Admin->Modules->Shipping->Online, select UPSP shipping and click Edit button. Then click Update button. It should fix the error.

If it does not help, export settings and reinstall this module (it will be enought if you click Remove, switch Show not installed and click Install for USPS module), then import saved settings.

2. "Please contact us" messages with login and other forms appear when form is expired. Just refresh the page and repeat the input

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Before I began to follow your directions, I cleared browser cache, verified Chrome was up to date, etc.

As per your directions

1 I removed the USPS Shipping Module (graphic 1)
2. With it removed, I went to Products (graphic 2)
3. Selected edit for a category (this case Medals), was able to access. (graphic 3)
4. Went back to Products, selected an actual product from that category, selected edit and received the Error 1054. (graphic 4)
5. Went to App Shop Took the action of reverting to "not deployed".  Then redeployed it. (graphic 5)
6. Attempted step 4 again - the error remains.







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4 hours ago, pandrei said:

2. "Please contact us" messages with login and other forms appear when form is expired. Just refresh the page and repeat the input


As identified within your PM attached are the frontend graphics for the login/out problem...
Prior to these, I also refreshed the initial login entry screen.

Image 1 is after login AND after a refresh.

Image 2 is after pressing the browser back arrow.

Image 3 is after attempting to logoff AND after a refresh.

Will you require the frontend logs?





Edited by Chadduck
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Good morning @pandrei

After some thought I decided that perhaps I should "Flush Cache".  After my problem with the migration, that occured while you were out of the of the office, and I seemingly resolved it following your directions with the file you had posted here 


At that time my Migration failure issue had been fixed as the solution you had offered showed that the migrations had been applied. 

This morning I wondered IF flushing the cache would make any difference.  I selected EVERYTHING with the exception of "Logs" and performed the "Flush Cache" routine again.

I was NOT expecting the results to be as extensive as the attached PDF content shows.  

Although I had done what you had posted in the above post and yes the migrations had shown that they had applied there must have been some parts that had not actually been performed. 

Performing the FLUSH CACHE this morning apparently applied ALL the parts needed as

1. The products can now be editted
2. The log ON/OFF error screens are no longer displayed.

So, at this point, my issues seem to be RESOLVED.

I want you to know that I truly appreciate all the work that you do behind the scenes in assisting everyone.  IMHO, your assistance is invaluable,



20231118 Cache Control_Backend.pdf

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