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Feature Request - Product Types (Multi Packs and Assemblies)


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Right now we have just stand alone items. When creating a product it would be nice to create an item as a "Multi Pack" or as an "Assembly" type of item.


This would involve creating a product that is "assembled" out of two or more other products. Quantities of each of those other products would also be designated for the build. Another way to think of an Assembly could be as a "Bundle" of items.

You would create an assembly product.  You would then add/assign two or more products and quantities that it takes to "build" the assembly product.


Assembly A would be assigned the following to build it:

  • 2 Green Widgets
  • 4 Purple Widgets

Assembly B would be assigned the following items to build it:

  • 3 Green Widgets
  • 1 Blue Widget

Those widget must already be in the catalog in order to assign it to an assembly item.

The system should then be able to keep track of inventory of green, blue and purple widgets to show whether assembly items are available for purchase or not. If inventory of any widget falls below the required quantity for an Assembly it would then show "out of stock.." The widgets are in the catalog and do not necessarily need to be available for purchase separately.

This would allow for only having to keep track of inventory for the individual widgets and the availability of assemblies would then be calculated off of the individual widget inventory.

The goal would to not have to create and maintain separate items in the catalog.

Things to consider would to not be able to delete a child item (widget) that is currently assigned to an assembly product as it would then break the assembly. Pricing updates if the cost of a child item of the assembly increases or decreases.

When an order is placed for an assembly item, there needs to be a breakdown of the child items on the order:

2x Assembly B items @ $10 ea

  • 6x Green Widgets
  • 2x Blue Widgets

Total $20


Multi Packs

Simply put, make an item as a multi pack item where you can assign quantities of the product to be sold. These would be the only quantities available to be purchased of that item.

For example:

Product A:

1pk // Price
2pk // Price
5pk // Price

Product B:

5pk // Price
10pk // Price
20pk // Price


For Product A, you would only be able to purchase it as 1pk, 2pk or a 5pk. For Product B, you would only be able to purchase it as a 5pk, 10pk or 20pk.

The goal is to not have to create separate items in the catalogs for these multi packs and then to have to maintain inventory for each item if you run out of the product for each individual catalog item. For example, if quantity of product B is 12 then the 20pk multi-pack would then not be available to purchase but the 5pk and 10pk would still be available to purchase. When more of the products are received and added, then the other multi-pack would then automatically become available for purchase again.

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I must have missed both of those when I was browsing through a few months ago.

The multi pack app doesn't seem very robust. From what I can gather, I can set the individual item quantity, the inner box quantity and the master carton quantity. This looks more like a box/case pricing only system. I'm looking to create my own multi pack quantities to sell.  I want to create as many as 5 different "multi pack" quantities to sell for an item.

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