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Can this be done with in V4 Attrributes

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I've learned long ago in software what one would like to do cannot always be done.

In the pic below the group of 7 glasses on left are represented in the attribute selection pannel by item numbers NO.1 through NO.7.

When say NO.1 is selected have the actual picture of NO.1 show where group is and continue doing this with each different selection untill "Add to Cart" is selected

Then have the cart reflect the actual part number "NO.1" or what ever thru NO.7

Yes, that's a lot to answer in a message box so not really expecting a "OH sure, do this and this" but if it's possible just get me started on the right foot.

Thanks Ken


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Posted (edited)

Yeah, im sure you can do that! :)

I think you need to set this up under product groups.  Admin->Products -> Product Groups,  click the insert button at the top, give it a name (eg. sunglasses) text box on the right and click save. 

Now click the "sunglasses" heading, then edit to assign all of the individual products to this group.   I think when you view any of the "grouped" products, the entire group is displayed similar to how you requested.    From memory, one of the other themes displays product groups similar to how you are asking but I cant recall at the moment, might be printshop (actually just tried and the furniture one looks ok too).

Mine system is really slow at the moment with 10000 products in a single category so I'll need to tidy up and double check everything in the morning.   Hopefully that should get you started...

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That's working pretty well,

I see the products in the group do not all show uip in the ctagory but one , that's good, right now this shows up in the catagory but that is NO.7 eye glass choice it should be the group choice pictuure showing up, have tried every thing but the right thing.



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I believe that you should be able to re-order them using the hand icon in the edit "product group", however, it appears that this is not working for some reason.

I'll see if I can figure out why.  Perhaps it is not saving the sort order, or perhaps the display is not honouring the sort order, or perhaps it never was meant to be....


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Ok, it appears that the sort order is not being saved to the database correctly.  If you have access to the database you could manually edit them until it is fixed. 

Sort values are stored in the products table under the column "products_groups_sort".  You need to change the products_groups_id in the following query to show all the products in your group. 

SELECT `products_groups_sort`, p.* FROM `products` p where `products_groups_id`=3;


You can find the correct groups_id to use if you click edit in the Admin section and look at the URL in the browser


The first column is the sort order, lowest value appears as the thumbnail for the group. 

Obligatory warning:  Be careful when editing data directly in the database as it could break something...  If in doubt, do a backup first.  That being said, you are only chaning the sort order....

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