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Cross selling

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A number of products can have an options  Can't add them as an attribute because they have different finishes.  So I have listed them as separate items and then cross sell them against the products that they can be added to.

Issue is that the cross sell only lists a max of 4 products.  Is there anyway to increase this?

Also on the mobile version the cross sell looks awful.  The images are tiny and the text just overflows into each other.  Is this an issue?  When I check the widget it does allow a carousel so I imagine that would allow the user to scroll through the products that would fit the product they are trying to buy.

As far as I can see it does not work.  The text remains jumbled and the images are so small you need a microscope to view them.

Any help would be appreciated..

furniture theme is being used here.  Below you can see how the cross sell looks on mobile.


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Hi Steve,

Try clicking the edit widget button from the page in the theme editor, then modify the display options on the popup window.  

I've not had chance to check this as when adding a CrossSell item I ended up with 30,000 !! entries in the logfile which I need to investigate, however for the desktop theme, it is defaulted to displaying 4 products per row with no max products, so on the mobile theme it probably wants setting to 1 product per row... this might solve the formatting issue. 









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Changed that on mobile and that works fine now.  The carousel works fine after changing columns in row to 1 and max products to lets say 15.   It will scroll all products that I have marked as cross sell against the main product.

On desktop the same setting does not work,  it just display the max of 4 products in the row.  A bit disappointing as customers will miss products that can go with the main product viewing on desktop.


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On the desktop theme, you could try setting the "columns in row" to different values depending on the "window width tabs"  (Click the "0-576" tabs etc  as you can have different values for columns in row for different screen sizes)

Looking at the template, it appears to default to a "hard coded" 4 in the absence of any override value so I suppose you could change the default value there if the above suggestion doesn't work...

(ref:  /lib/frontend/themes/basic/boxes/product/cross-sell.tpl - lines 41 & 79)


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