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Where to add product to show up when New Product isselected

Ken Shea

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Featured product are clear enough to activate  while editing product in main details but do not see where to add product to show when New Product. is selected

This was feature was  in the furniture theme.

Thanks for any help



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Hi Ken, 

As Steve mentioned, it should go into that section automatically providing the product is active and that the "mark as new until" date has not been passed.

Have you set a date in the new until field?  If so, try clearing it or changing to a future date...

In the example below, the product will still be on the website, but will not show in the new products section




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The "New Products"  and "Featured Products" appear to be two seperate features which a can't figure out how to use the "New Products".

Just created a new Catagory for the '"Latest Products" and will put items in/or out as needed.

Will need to change or  delete the the footer "new products" thoughg.



Edited by Ken Shea
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It's very strange!  It should basically just work

Is there anything in the error log file worth looking into?   Perhaps a missing file, SQL error or something like that. 

Did you install the product filter module?  Perhaps try switching that off, check the page again, then switch it back on??

I assume that you are entering the products using the admin interface as opposed to importing them.  Just asking as I had an issue where products we not appearing in the search if imported, but they worked just fine if entered using the product editor.

I'll dig a bit deeper and see if there is anything else worth looking at.

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Haven't looked sat the error log, but will.

Yes, the product was all entered manually . actusally never tried a sesarch, best check that out.

I never installed a filter module but I'll check thsat out sas well.

Thanks Andy

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Hi Ken,

Entering the products manually should be totally fine, the code for the saving of the product ensures that everything is set correctly for searching.   When bulk Importing, you need to ensure that the required fields are populated yourself otherwise the search doesn't work as expected.

I don't have the filter module installed either, its just that there was some code in the new products template to deal with product filtering so I wondered if that was the difference between your setup an mine. 



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