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Another font color change ?

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Need to change the blue high lighted text from black to white.



Changing the a.btn from color: #000000;   to color: #ffffff;

Does the trick but can't locate the a.btn in w.cart


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Hi Ken,

Looking at the styles on the live site, there is another rule which is taking priority as it has been definded as "!important". 

Image of Live CSS from browser debug (note the a.btn rule)



You need to change the button colour using that rule.  So there are 2 ways to do this... :)

1) You can either edit the CSS file for main, as you have been doing, and search for the style definition for "a.btn" and make the changes there...




2) use the "customize theme styles" button at the top, expand the buttons section and then on the right hand side hover over the "transparent button" to reveal the "edit" option, then set the background and font colours in the popup window.  (You will see a preview of how your button will look on the left of the button section)

For white text, click the font tab, and in the colour dropdown choose "$font-color-reverse-2"







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Andy,it was simple enough using the style editor, and the button looked correct but it isn't taking on the web site.

Is the ":!important;" need added at the end of the .btn 's 

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Posted (edited)


Optionally, also be worth considering using the other green that you have defined for the header bar, for the button background-color too. 





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That did it,  should the other .btn 's be left as changed?

Yes, that does look better.

This has sure given my old brain a work out, have to admit knocking on 80  it aint what it used to be .😄

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Posted (edited)

Yes, leave them as styled for now, you can always adjust them later if you notice one not behaving.  As with the button you've just styled, you could use that same 'header' green colour for the button background - This will then sort out the button on the bottom of the  popup login form when you click the account icon.

80! You are doing amazing, I mean check you out.... where did those rounded corners come from eh?!! :)



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