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Banners Carousel arrows


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Hi Fernando,

There could be a few reasons for that, so have a check of these to start with...

1. When you click edit on the banner widget, check that the type is carousel and that all of the banners shown in the popup window at the bottom are enabled.   If they are disabled, click the "edit banner" text link and goto the "settings" tab in the popup and click the "banner status" toggle, then save




2. The next thing to check is that all of the banners listed in the popup window are assigned to the current sales channel.  If not, you can click the "edit banner" text link and this time goto the "sales channel" tab and assign them to your sales channel.



3. Also worth checking that the "banner group" you have assigned has multiple banners in it!  If not add a couple of extra banners.   



Hopefully one of those will fix it for you :)


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The carousel is perfectly functional and with 4 images, my question was just to remove the arrows "< " ">" since they are not necessary and they make the images ugly.
there is a switch to show or hide the points!, but there is not to do the same with the arrows "< " ">" .
the arrows only disappear when the banner is a single image and static.
thank you

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It is already solved and with style!
I got the desired effect by editing the css slick , changing the colors to transparent and adding a "hover" variation.
Now you have to check that there are no side effects.
I hope this helps someone else!
: )


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