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The e-commerce.

Getting closer and closer to launching on the latest version of OSC

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Design Done
Paypal payments Done and working
Product Attributes with descriptions Done (Thanks Andy)
Geo Shipping by region done.  Different charges depending on where you live)
Loading products - God help me have loads to do
Product documents done
Video done (if you add a video to a product it will be found in the image scroller on the product as per below.  Or add a video widget on the product page.  But if you do that then video appears in both places)


Site Looks great on desktop, mobile and tablet

I would say in a couple of weeks good to go.  Might have a launch party on my own

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Posted (edited)

Wow!  Amazing achievement Steve, keep going adding all that data!  Are you typing it in manually, or using the easy populate to import it?

Is there anything stopping you from launching now with just the range of product you have already loaded?  ...or Is it a case that you are replacing an exisiting site, so effectivley you'd be reducing your customer offerings by launching early and the current site is good enough until the new one is complete....


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SImply not enough products listed yet Andy.  I am using just the manual method but the easy populate I will look into.  I guess you can load it and then do one final upload. Will have a look at that today.  Have about 25% of one manufacturer done and 5% of another.  Plus I am working on some new manufactures also.

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It's the Import / Export menu here ADMIN -> Products / Catalog -> Import / Export

If you look at the URL is says "<your domain> / admin / easypopulate "  I believe that this is a modified version of the original from the old OSC 2 days.  

Best thing to do is use this tool to create exports of your current dataset to see the format you need for re-loading.  I would ensure that you have a backup of your database prior to playing as you can import a lot of records really quick!    Also, be very cautious of clicking the "Delete" button under Data Management which is hidden by default at the bottom of every tab.  You can delete ALL of your data really quickly, and from what I remember from the previous 4.11 version, it doesn't actually seem to differentiate between test and live data as it should!  I wanted to do some further testing before reporting it as an issue.



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