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Theme Editor: Checkout Process - Selecting the correct Page!


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So I'm going through the site pages and just familiarising myself with the setup, and I've come across the checkout page on the Printshop as shown here:



So, in the theme editor (see image below) , anyone want to place a bet on which page I need to change??? :)

I'm sure I've checked them ALL... at least twice!   Most are blank and others look like they are in development, but nothing looks similar to the actual checkout page.   Perhaps it is the Javascript "display:none;" gremlin again because there are no products in my cart?

Anyone else tried to customise the checkout page in the Theme Editor?


List of pages to choose from!



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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, warleb2 said:

again,  adding an item to the cart on the front end will make it visible like above on the thene

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback.  yes, thats the one!   I'm still not seeing it on my setup!  I've even created a new "customer" on the front end with the same email and password as the admin user.
There has to be something else in play here.   I do have a number of add-ons installed which I was exploring for other members.

Which browser are you using?  I'll go and try with another browser.

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Hey, Thanks for confirming that Steve!

My first venture with Chrome worked 1st time, but went down hill from there!   From my testing, this is really hit or miss on both Browsers (Firefox & Chrome) , actually a lot more miss than hit!! 

I have multiple sales channels setup and think that this may be the main issue.

You definitely need a product in your basket from the sales channel that you want to edit.  When you edit the theme you can see the "homepage" will show X items in your cart, however selecting "checkout / checkout" from the page list sometimes works, most of the time fails with a blank page.   I've tried clearing the browser cookies, logging out, logging in, private browser windows and using the mouse with my other hand.

I'm going to try a full reinstall later in case it is one of add-ons causing the issue,  then I'm going to try a single channel install to see if that is any better. 



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Very strange.  I know that if you are on shared hosting you will come across issues.  Dedicated hosting is the way to go if you have not already.   I had many issues at the start and was trying many hosting plans.  Always OSC screwed up on shared.  Dedicated no issues at all.

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Hi Steve,

Very interesting!   If I'm unable to solve it by re-installing then I'll have to have a look into dedicated.   Editing the page is probably a one time thing anyway, but I would like to see consistency and reliability, so it may be a case of trying to narrow down exactly why and what conditions it occurs.

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