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Geo Zone Shipping by County UK, SCOTLAND, NI etc OSC V4.XXXXX

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So I have now solved my shipping cost issues and want to share what I have done.

My store in particular sells high end goods.  So it was important for me to get the shipping costs correct.

So Northern Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales have there own shipping costs.  There are many ways to handle the shipping costs but there is nothing that can do it based on where the customer lives.  This can be extended to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland also.  Even a seperate one for Jersey, Guernsey if needed.

Step 1
First step you need to visit settings>Locations>Geo Zones

Create your Geo Zone Shipping Areas.   In my case I create Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Free Shipping (This is the free shipping for the UK and Wales)


So drilling down into the Northern Ireland Geo Zone I can enter all of the Counties Here


Step 3
So now I want to create a new shipping module for Northern Ireland only and only for people that live in these counties

So now we access via FTP or CPANEL of what ever you use

Here I will take a copy of flat.php and this will be the Northern Ireland shipping module

I rename it to NI.php and modify the following important values:

Class XX extends Moduleshipping {     'the XX has to be unique for any new shipping module'

In this case I change it to NI


The next important steps are anything that contains MODULE_SHIPPING_XXXXXXX.  Rename XXXXXX to be your new shipping module name.  In my case I have chosen NI.  

Change this for all values in the file.
class NI extends ModuleShipping {

    var $code, $title, $description, $icon, $enabled;

    protected $defaultTranslationArray = [
        'MODULE_SHIPPING_NI_TEXT_WAY' => 'Northern Ireland'

// class constructor
    function __construct() {

        $this->code = 'NI';
        $this->title = MODULE_SHIPPING_NI_TEXT_TITLE;
        $this->description = MODULE_SHIPPING_NI_TEXT_DESCRIPTION;
        if (!defined('MODULE_SHIPPING_NI_STATUS')) {
            $this->enabled = false;
        $this->sort_order = MODULE_SHIPPING_NI_SORT_ORDER;
        $this->icon = '';
        $this->tax_class = MODULE_SHIPPING_NI_TAX_CLASS;
        $this->enabled = ((MODULE_SHIPPING_NI_STATUS == 'True') ? true : false);

Once you have changed all of the values save your changes.
Now move that file back into the Lib>Common>modules>ordershipping folder

Now head to modules>shipping>offline and click show not installed.  The file you created will be shown below.  Click intsall

The result is as follows

Attach you new Geo Zone to it

And make sure it is enabled for checkout etc...

Now when a customer orders an item from my store they will be charged the correct shipping rate.  This is how I am doing it and for me it works as I need it to work


If a customer lives in Scotland lets say Aberdeen then when they enter the county the shipping will be applied



or freeshipping for Bedfordshire


Make sure you select United Kingdom in the settings

Hope it helps

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