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Attribute Images

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Been playing around with the attribute images.  There is an addon that you can install https://www.oscommerce.com/app/attributes-images

So i installed it.  What I was expecting is to add an image to the drop down list when a customer clicks on an attribute.  This would be quite handy if a product has lets say 13 different wood finishes.  

But playing around with it it just seems to only allow an one image to be selected but it has to be an image that you have already uploaded as part of the product main images.  

Once it's installed you can find it in the modules>extensions

Then when you go to edit a product it looks like this...


So here I have an image that says Medium Oak.  But when I look at the images that I can add it just gives me the normal product images which is what I don't want.

When I created the attribute,  it allowed me to upload an image there as per below.  It would be great to have that image displayed against the item in the attribute drop down box as per below.


Then have that image shown on the actual drop down item as per below


Not sure if this was they way it was intended or not.  Maybe there is something that I have not quite switched on.


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Oh boy,  so another issue.  I have addons for some products whereby the customer can select two of them,  none of them or all of them.  Using the radio button kind of displays them on the desktop page where as mobile displays them perfectly.  But the big issue is that they can only select one option.  Not a selection of them.  

That's an issue.  I guess I would have to create on attribute for each addon to allow them the selection.  Grouping them into one section makes more sense but this can now get very messy..


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So radio button allows the image to displayed but the screen is so filled with the attributes I feel it's impossible to use.  I might have to list them as sperate products and allow the customer to buy them separately.  It's an option I suppose

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18 minutes ago, warleb2 said:

But the big issue is that they can only select one option.  Not a selection of them.  

I believe that radio button is the wrong tool for the job.  Think of radio buttons to be like the station selectors on old 60's - 70's radios, whereby when you press one button, the other one pops up or deselects.  Thereby, you only have one item selected at a time.

What you need is something like a check box, or a select box (drop down list) with the "multiple" attribute set.   This will allow multiple selections by pressing the control key

I'll have a more in-depth look when I get a little time later but hopefully that is of help...

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Looking at a competitor website the addons that require one or two selections that have listed as individual attributes.  Don't waste time on it andy.  It would be a great nice to have to have a drop down list with a box that the user can tick multiple selections  But I don't think its available.

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Ok, no worries - I think the attributes-images module works differently to how we would expect it to work.  Seems to be geared towards listing your stuff on market places perhaps?

I've been unsuccessful in getting any visual output on the front end from it - in fact it is not even persisting my selections for the attribute images on the product screen in the Admin area!

I'll put it on the back burner for now but will probably revisit it in about an hour or so :)

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I managed it like this.


So in this case it works a bit better.  Going forward models changes or different finishes can just be added to the template and pushed towards the model that needs it.  So its OK now for me

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