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What is products_ship_method?


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I was just browsing through my database and ran across a field called "products_ship_method" in the "products" table which I never noticed before.


The field seems to be empty unless a product's "products_date_available" field is "NULL", in which case the "products_ship_method" field reads "--none--"


Can anyone tell me what this field is for? It would be really neat if it could be used to specify shipping methods available on a per-product basis from within the Admin product entry page, or to simply be used as a flag for products that require special handling - for example:


Most items can be sent via UPS or USPS and the catalog is working well now for those, but sometimes an item is oversized or overweight for those services. If the above mentioned field could simply be used to flag an item when it requires special handling and show a custom message indicating such instead of the normal shipping estimates (which obviously would not be accurate), then the customer could be contacted with a specific shipping quote for any order that contained any special handling items.

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I do not have that field in any of my products tables.


It also is not present in the oscommerce.sql file in the install folder.


Are you sure it wasn't added by a contribution?


It probably could be made to be used as you have described depending upon what it's original use is/was.

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