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anchoring issue (linking on the same page)


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This is the most stupidest question, and i can't seem to figure it out, even though, I know that ive done this at least 1000 times... but it won't work..



i have a help section that has a few links

1. ---

2. ---

3. ---

4. ---

and when they click on those links, it supposed to stay on the same page, just scroll down to where that section is....


1. <a href="#option_1"> returns </a>

and some where down there it should say :

<a name=option_1></a>


but its not working!!!!




any thoughts ????



my site: http://www.discountlanyards.com/help.php


related site that does the exact same thing! : http://www.bugabu.com/rprivacypolicy.html



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Well, i knew that. The thing is that if you are anchoring on the same page, then you dont' have to type in the page name, you can just simply say <a href="#top>top</a>


however, this wasn't workign for me, which it should because the link is going on the same page, but i ended up typing in the page name (which you shouldn't have too) and it works...


but thanks.

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