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free shipping problem


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hi to all,

i tried the search function, but haven't found anything yet..


i installed osc 2.2 ms1, activated flat shipping and table shipping. i also activated free shipping for an amount over 50 eur. the amount of 50 eur should be without shipping, but it displays even free shipping for an amount of 45 eur (the shipping would be 7 eur).


i tried to change something in ot_shipping, but i think that would be not quite a good idea...


can anyone help me please?

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I think I should explain my problem a little bit more detailed:


I use osc 2.2 ms1 with shipincart_1.7, ship2pay_1.3.1a, german_post_1.36, cop_1.0, cod_fee_calculation_1.00.

I have show_price_with_taxes turned on and defined a free shipping for an amount greater than 50 euro.


I did the following:

- added a product (49.95 euro) to my cart. the shipincart shows correctly 49.95 plus 7.45 euro (for shipping), summary 57.40

- clicked on checkout. and then the bug appears: it tells me that I am free of shipping!!!

- clicked on next (for paying details)

- clicked on the link on the bottom of the page to shipping details and surprising: there the system tells me that will be no longer free of shipping!


what is going on? how can the same page (checkout_shipping.php) tell me two different things for the same order? please help me, because I want to go live with this shop in the next few days...

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where can I check the exchange? sorry, I am a stupid beginner :wink:

I set up everything in German and for Germany only.

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additinal information:

now the behaviour is exactly the other way around. first call of checkout_shipping ist correct, second is not :shock:

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you got me chaught with my pants , half way down, I can't recall , but it was in a post, your problem , a day or three ago.

walk back and look for it thur the pages

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thanks for your answer. I tried to find the right thread but I was not successful...

Can anyone post the link I need?


In the meantime I found out, that the problem depends on shipincart I think. If I choose cop (charge of 0 euro), the calculated free shipping is correct, but if I choose one, whose e.g. 7 euro, the calculation is wrong.


Now this thread should be moved to contribution, sorry for that!


But I hope you will help me though :wink:

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okay, I get a little bit confused, but now I can exactly say what is wrong. it is definetly NOT the shipincart! read why:


a clean install of osc 2.2 ms1 has the same problem! I did a fresh install and added only flat shipping for 7.45 euro and defined a free shipping for an amount over 50 euro. now the same error happens like before: an amount over 42.25 euro will be free of shipping charge!


then I cleared my cart and added the cop contribution (shipping of 0 euro). then added a product of 45.95 to my cart and the checkout told me to choose a shipping option!


i.e. if a shipping option is chosen, which is of a charge greater than 0, this amount is added to the total amount for calculating the free shipping...


that is very strange, because if I have a look in the ot_shipping.php I find the following:

        if ( ($pass == true) && ( ($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']) >= MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER) ) {

         $order->info['shipping_method'] = $this->title;

         $order->info['total'] -= $order->info['shipping_cost'];

         $order->info['shipping_cost'] = 0;

that tells me total-shipping_cost ...

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has nobody any idea?

i believe this must be an error in same variable of the session not handled correct, because one time the shipping cost is added to the total amount and the other time not!


i did some kind of workaround for that prob:

i disabled the builtin free shipping function in ot_shipping.php and installed freeamount instead. that is working correctly.


but i think you guys should have a closer look at the ot_shipping.php or somewhere else!

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