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"The page cannot be displayed" error not using SSL


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I have read so many posts on stores having "The page cannot be displayed" errors and talking about SSL. I am having way too many 404s in the admin tool while trying to modify/add myproducts.


I am running MS1 of osC with Apache 2.0, PHP 4.3.2 and MySQL 4.0.13-nt on a Windows XP Professional, P3 Celeron 566 with 512MB RAM. All work and viewing of store done on IE6.


I had been running the store for some time without too many problems, but as of late it has gotten worse.


List of problems:


- blank white page when trying to load either catalog/ OR catalog/admin/

- Link or button clicked and browser will look like it's loading a new page, but nothing happens, the page does not change.

- 404 "Page cannot be found" errors while clicking on catagory/sub-catagory/product item, clicking on item to view product, button to edit product, hitting update/insert to add/edit product, and a few other random places.


These problems seemed to increase with the amout of products and catageories I've added to the catalog. I have not modified anything of MS1 exept the database limit of characters for product_description's product name from 64 to 100.


My Apache server was installed with the default configuration settings save the installation of PHP. A few lines at the end of my config file.


Any and all help would be most helpful, I have to make the store much more stable than this. Thanks.

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Don't know cause I went to loaded 5 , anyready running . I just remodled and loaded store, it you want a host name with site pre-loaded pm me.

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on a Windows XP Professional, P3 Celeron 566 with 512MB RAM.
The Pro (2000, XP) OSes are designed for workstation use, not server. Further, even if you updated to the more robust 2000 Server, you would still have problems because it is a resource hog. If you are going to run Windows, I would recommend at least a P3 900 Mhz w/ 512k cache (not a celeron).


The least expensive thing to do would be to update to a Linux solution. Linux is much less resource intensive.




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I'm aware of these issues, I have a linux server hosting my ISP connection, internal network and email accounts. That is not what I'm asking.


Noone is accessing it but myself off of a 100Mbit connection from my laptop in the intranet it is setup in. Nothing is being a burden on the traffic in the network so why would I get 404s when it's just me and the server?


I figured it may be Apache's configuration, so I increased the timeout and keep alive limits hoping that it was due to the amount of data passing through the connection, but that didn't help at all.

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If anyone how knows what to do or what can be done, it would help alot. I'm hoping to get rid of this rather irritating glitch by the end of the weekend. Lots of items to populate the catalog with next week.


Thanks in advance if you can help.

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