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variable passing problem


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This is driving me mad... it should be so simple, but i just cant get it to work. I am trying to declare a variable in checkout_shipping.php that i can then check on from within a shipping module.


So just to illustrate, inside checkout_shipping.php :


$myvar = 'on';


Then inside a shipping module that is called to checkout shipping..

if $myvar ='on' turn off this mod..


Fine.. apart from the fact that the check on $myvar just does not seem to work. The weird thing is that other variables like total_price / total_weight etc.. can be checked from inside the shipping mod.


anyone know why it wont work ?


Thanks for any help :wink:

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What exactly are you trying to do?..... my guess is that your check belongs in catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php :shock:


How are you querying whether your variable is on or off?

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Ive got this sorted now, thank you :wink:


I used the : $_SESSION['customer_id']

eventually to solve the problem..


the principle was to check the state of a variable that was called in from a custom 'required' include, then pass that variable state into a check inside a shipping module.. it all got very confusing :roll:


Thanks anyway :)

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