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I'm on the process of using the following contribution:


The changes I need to make areL



$plainTxt = "/path/to/temp/" . "$tmpToken" . "anca"; 

? ?? ?? ?$crypted = "/path/to/temp/" . "$tmpToken" . "anca.asc"; 

? ?? ?? ?$gpghome="/path/to/pubring/";? //where is your pubring? That dir has to have write access. 

? ?? ?? ?$gpgpath="/path/to/gpg";? ?//where is the executable -this must be the correct path to gpg 

? ?? ?? ?


My question is:


I've created both private and public keys. I plan to put my public keys in the appropriate folder. But how do I create the gpg executable? Do I create this when creating keys? Is this something my host will have or I download from the internet? Is it actually the name of the public key ring?





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Your host may have the gpg executable already. www.gnupg.org is the home page for GnuPG. If you have shell access (telnet or ssh), then it would be possible to compile it yourself. If not, you may be able to find a pre-compiled binary that you can use (needs to be statically compiled, dynamic libraries will create issues if you do not have root access to install where they want to be).


In short, the best thing to do is to ask your host to support it (they may already). If they won't/don't, we could give you better advice if we knew what OS the host's server was running.


Good luck,


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