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Hello again (I just love this board!!)


I finally got an ssl directory!


Only problem is ssl is hosted on another server so now I have:


http://my-domain as the http server and

https://secure-server/my-domain as the https server


How do I configure the .php files to point to the secure server?


Do I have to install osCommerce on the secure server as well, and if so how? I installed oscommerce through cPanel on the http server so I have no idea where to go from here.


I tried uploading a file to the secure server and when I typed the address in the browser https://secure-server/mydomain I was able to view the page, so I know that it is working...


Does it matter that I installed osCommerce on the http server without first setting up ssl?


I went into the configure.php files and put my https sever info in and when I mouse over the login link in the site I see the https link in the status bar of the browser, but when I clicked on the link (after trying to just copy the whole catalog directory over) it asked me if I want to save the file instead of showing me login screen... So I deleted the entire catalog directory off the secure server and decided to ask for help.


Now you see my dilema, can someone please help me :(

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